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Back to the Cards - Part One
"Stop her! Don't let her get away!"
Shiina raced up to one of the rooftops above, stray bullets hitting the walls close to her as she weaved past each one. Once she was up, she began sprinting away from her pursuers, a bag slung over her shoulder with one hand, one of her katanas in the other.
She didn't stop until the shouts seemed very distant. She let out a sigh of relief. She was safe. She then knelt down and gazed into the bag, pulling something out from it.
She had gotten her hands on a large, clean-cut diamond. It should have been able to sell for a lot of cash, which was why she had her sights set on it.
She froze, her fox ears twitching. She had heard footsteps. Someone was nearby. She set the diamond gently back in the bag, and pulled one of her pistols from one of the holsters at her thighs, staying ready to shoot.
"...My, someone is jumpy today..." a voice chuckled.
Shiina stopped. She knew that voice. "...Takase. I was wondering if you'd ever show your mug around these par
:icontenshifoxx:TenshiFoxx 3 0
Back to the Cards - Part Two
"...This feels like such a terrible plan," Nova sighed.
The ones to deploy for this mission were myself, Nova, Rukario, and Nora. We would need the help of Ruke's future vision ability, and Nora would support us, with myself and Ruke being able to switch to support to help her with ease.
"Just relax," Nora whispered to Nova, floating past him gently. "I'm here. I'll be here to help you in case things go awry."
"I get where you're coming from, though," Ruke added. "...This does seem like a roughly thought-out plan."
"It's all we've got. He's after us either way," I muttered.
We were simply wandering the moonlit streets of the city in hopes of drawing Takase to us.
But even so, something Finn had told me just before we left kept ringing in my mind.
"Be careful. If he truly is with the Yggdrasil Warriors, then his reasons for finding you may not just be for his personal matters... Having bested Songbird, you may be seen as a threat in the eyes of Yggdrasil now. If that's the case, then he
:icontenshifoxx:TenshiFoxx 4 0
Back to the Cards - Epilogue
"...So Ace has also failed in his mission."
A young man in black attire with a sheathed katana at his waist was knelt behind the large forboding shadow before him. The young man nodded grimly. "...I am afraid so, my lord. What are your orders?" the young man asked.
"...Who are these people that have bested the Yggdrasil Warriors, Steel?"
The young man stared up at the shadow. "...Their names are unknown. However, they seem to be led by a young male fox in black and red..." the young man, Steel, muttered.
The shadow loomed ahead silently for a moment, thinking. "...It appears that wherever the Yggdrasil Warriors go, this fox you speak of and his little friends follow soon after," he finally observed aloud.
"...It appears that they are the very same group that our soldiers spoke of, the ones who took the bioweapon," Steel added.
"...It is distressing to hear that these miscreants have been able to take on your team, Steel."
"I promise you that we will not fail a third time, my lord," Ste
:icontenshifoxx:TenshiFoxx 6 0
Dance of Blade and Bullet - Part One
"Knock knock!" I smiled as I stepped into the garage, Silas inside and typing away on his computer.
He glanced over to me with a smile. "Oh, hey, Tenshi," he muttered. "...Thanks for coming to talk to me."
Truth be told, Silas asked me to come to the garage as soon as I could, as he was telling me that he had something to show me.
"So, what's up?" I asked. "It's not like you to text me, asking me to come in here. Is something up?"
"Actually, no... Come here for a minute," Silas smiled, gesturing to me as he began strolling to a table, something on it being covered by a blanket. The table was next to a large tank Silas had made for Finn, and noticing we were close by, Finn rose up from the water.
"Oh, Tenshi, hi!" Finn smiled, surprising me and making me jump. He saw me get startled, then froze. "Oh...! Sorry, did I scare you?!"
I took a deep breath, regaining myself quickly. "It's alright, you just caught me by surprise, that's all!" I laughed, then looked to Silas. "So, what is it?"
:icontenshifoxx:TenshiFoxx 3 0
Dance of Blade and Bullet - Part Two
My group was already closing in on Aselia Mall. The police had the mall closed off with police tape, ambulances and cops were surrounding the building, news reporters and such already on the scene.
"Looks like we're gonna have to go in undetected," Wes muttered to me as we soared through the air.
"We need to take the roof and go in from there," XT muttered. "We're not getting in otherwise."
"Roof it is. Tenshi, hurry!" Nova pleaded.
I nodded, using wind to guide us to the rooftops, nobody able to see us from below. Once we landed, we began searching for a window or something similar to help us get in. It was then that XT called me over, pointing to a window leading to one of the main corridors of the mall. I gave them a quick nod, and XT pushed the window open, jumping in first, followed by Nova, then me, then Wes.
Once the four of us had landed safely in the corridor, I took a quick glance around.
Everything in the building had been damaged, and as for the people around...
"Oh my god.
:icontenshifoxx:TenshiFoxx 3 0
Dance of Blade and Bullet - Part Three
My group of four was nearing the center of the mall. The destruction and victims had seemed to be in smaller amounts as we reached further in, but they were still present. It was unforgivable that anyone would hurt so many people.
"There! Someone's there!" Nova gasped, pointing ahead.
At one of the fountains ahead, a woman had her back turned toward us. Her outfit looked nothing like a normal person's. But even so, once we neared her, we came to a stop, and I spoke up.
"...Who are you? What are you doing here?" I demanded.
The woman turned her head to glare at us from the corner of her eye. "...I am Dezna. I am one of the four Yggdrasil Warriors. I've been waiting for you."
We readied ourselves to fight. "Waiting for us...?! You mean you did this to all these people...?!" Nova growled.
Dezna nodded, then turned to us, brandishing two long guns in her hands, aimed directly at us.
"You are seen as a threat to Yggdrasil and its purpose. For that, my orders are to eliminate you. I'm sorry.
:icontenshifoxx:TenshiFoxx 3 0
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Tagged by: :iconkreatiivfox:

1. The questions from the tagger must be answered.
2. Pass it to 12 friends and give 12 questions of your own.

Q1: Are you a big fan of something?
A1: Sadly, I cannot recall... is being part of a fandom counted? If then, then I’m a furry XD but if not, then I am going to say classical stuff.

Q2: Do you have a favourite movie/TV show?
A2: Movie, I love the Little Prince X3 and for the TV show, Game of Thrones XD

Q3: At what age did you become an artist?
A3: Mum said I started drawing when I was a year old.

Q4: What do you wanna improve in your art?
A4: Everything, from aesthetics to technique and speed.

Q5: Is there anywhere you’d want to travel in the world?
A5: Of course, one way trip to Europe, please.

Q6: Do you have a favourite actor/actress?
A6: Sadly, I don’t.

Q7: What is your favourite type of music?
A7: C L A S S I C A L, Baroque and Romantic-Era too

Q8: Would you want to go into outer space? If so, why?
A8: Yes I would, after getting necessary necessities, I would go there. For bragging rights jk XD Also lots of pictures.

Q9: Anything you’re really scared of?
A9: Spiders, insects generally, losing friends and loved ones.

Q10: What do you remember as being one of the saddest moments in your life?
A10: I don’t recall actually. Oh wait, when I discovered that we still have 5mbps connection but practically it is like dial-up because 500kbps — 1.2mbps is what we usually get andohboyhowIwanttoget500mbpsconnectionandnotsleepbecauseofsurfingthewebatlightningspeed.

Q11: What was the happiest moments of your life?
A11: To learn philosophy and give reason to my misery jk when I finally went on vacation for another country which is totally better in most aspects than where I live in.

Q12: Do you like bananas?!
A12: Of course I doooooo!!! Banana milkshake too X3 Banana and Mangoes are the type of combination I love <3


Here are my questions:

Q1: What do you prefer — Apple, Android?
Q2: What genres of literature do you prefer?
Q3: What instrument do you think is the hardest to play?
Q4: If you were given the chance to draw a mural for your city, what would it be?
Q5: Do any of your characters delve into politics or are part of a political affiliation?
Q6: Now that South Korea and North Korea are working to be generally friends, will you go to North Korea?
Q7: Beethoven or Mozart?
Q8: Would you eat a chili?
Q9: Will you let a person (who has slow internet, like me) to connect to your internet for a moment? XD
Q10: Celsius or Fahrenheit?
Q11: Metres or Feet?
Q12: Would you use both Metric and English units?

I tag:

:icongrimmskullthemad: :iconmeelezz: :icongupa507: :iconbluedebut: :iconprussiangala: :iconkylewilliam: :iconkezzzki: :iconadadave: :iconkorouxus: :iconrulfrick: :iconkreatiivfox: ^^
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I did this on my iPad. Just a quick black and white and I think my french is wrong XD

I decided to illustrate my character’s memory of saying good-bye to his friend, the dragon Artamexis. Okay I’m sleepy now hahaha


Etude No. 3, AY. 15: Adieux in Black and White
Faciebat Anno MMXVIII, Mensis Aprilis, Dies XIX
Characters: Juan Ascal and Artamexis :iconaskalsky:
Angel Savannah
Commission for HyperWolf3000 on SoFurry.

Well, it was fun doing this one (it turned out to be very large XD)

Still testing this new method tho


Etude No. 2, Opus 18
Characters: Angel Savannah - HyperWolf3000
Thanks for greeting me for my Birthday! X3 *hugs you all*

I'm sorry if I haven't been as active as I used to be on DA, it is because of school. It's now Fourth Quarter and currently just finishing activities, projects and studying (or not) for the Final Exams. Also, I'm preparing for the clearance signing (because it's going to tire me) and after that, I'm free! :D

Should I open for commissions 

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2 deviants said Meh.
No deviants said No, you should open.


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